Wordpress with Timer

How to Regularly Update Multiple WordPress Sites

If you manage a number of WordPress websites, it can be a bit tiresome to set up and maintain scheduled tasks for them, and it’s also a real time sink to keep their themes and plugins updated.

Thankfully, it’s actually pretty easy to set up a really simple way to manage scheduled tasks for your WordPress sites, and to keep them updated.

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Generating SHA2 SSL Certificates in Webmin

Generating SHA2 SSL Certificates in Webmin

Webmin is a great free tool for remote administration of Linux servers.  I often use it when remotely administering homebrew and production web servers.

One deficiency I have found recently in Webmin however is an inability to generate an SHA2 private key and certificate signing request for the purpose of registering an SSL certificate for a website.

Webmin’s web hosting offshoot Virtualmin purportedly supports generating SHA2 certificates out of the box, but Virtualmin installation has much more rigid requirements than Webmin, so adopting it purely to generate CSRs is a bit of overkill.

An ancient Webmin module – Certificate Manager 1.7 – is still quite usable for generating SHA1 certificates, but SHA1 is now a no-no due to the heartbleed vulnerability, and it definitely doesn’t look like that module is going to be updated any time soon.

So what’s the solution?  Read on, my friend …

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Tracking Email Opens in Google Analytics

Tracking Email Opens in Google Analytics

If you’ve ever been involved in building an email campaign, especially an email campaign which is an important part of a marketing funnel, you’ve probably wanted to be able to use tracking to get a rough idea about when your emails are being opened.

If you’re using an email listmanager like MailChimp or an automated marketing solution like Infusionsoft, you will likely have access to metrics about email opens, but you won’t really be able to do a lot with them other than look at the numbers.  If you want to do some deeper analysis, you’ll want to get those email metrics channelling into a tracking analysis tool like Google Analytics.

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How to Harden Your WordPress Site Against Hackers

WordPress: How to Harden Your Site Against Hackers

WordPress has for a long time been a bit of a pariah among security-oriented website developers, but in reality, if you take some time when initially setting up your WordPress site to lock it down, you can dramatically cut your chances of the site being compromised.

I wrote a quick non-exhaustive guide, with some measures you can take to harden your WordPress site against hacking / cracking.

Check it out over at the Marketing Results blog:

How to Harden Your WordPress Site Against Hackers

The only thing I would probably add is two-factor authentication or something similar.  I have been trialling Clef lately, which seems to be very nice.

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Infusionsoft: Wrangling Contact Information from Email Link Clicks

While Infusionsoft’s API is pretty robust, there are a number of things missing from it which make extracting some trivial data difficult.  One of these missing things is a way to get contact information from the unique links that Infusionsoft puts in broadcast and campaign emails.

In this article I will present a method by which one can extract contact information from a generated Infusionsoft link, by using an Infusionsoft webform, a straightforward piece of PHP code, and some JavaScript.

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A storm is brewing.  Vive la France.

A storm is brewing, as Brisbane says “Vive la France”.

I read that Brisbane City Council was going to be lighting up the Story Bridge in the colours of the French flag as a gesture of support after the Paris bombings, so in the evening I walked up to Wilsons Outlook to take a photo of the bridge.

As it turns out, many other photography enthusiasts had the same idea, and a storm was brewing over the city.  I managed to get a decent vantage point among the dozen or so other people photographing the scene, and took a couple of photos.

Update:  This photo garnered a lot of interest on Flickr.

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Lizard Point and Mount Bell, Main Range National Park

Lizard Point is a one of those spots that has eluded me as I have until now never managed to tag along on a walk that goes there.  Now that I’ve been there, I am definitely keen to see more of the Main Range.

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Locus Maps

Converting QTopo Maps to MBTiles format for use in Locus Maps

QTopo is a great resource for topographic maps of Queensland, but getting the data out of QTopo in format that is usable in GPS handsets or other apps can be a pain.  In this article, I cover how to convert a QTopo map to a format that is usable in Locus Maps, a GPS app for Android.

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